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Addiction Treatment Admissions

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Florida

Florida Center for Recovery (FCR) is a family owned and operated addiction treatment center, providing comprehensive recovery services, offering 12 Step and SMART RECOVERY programs. Residential and outpatient addiction treatment includes: Detox on Premises, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT), Meditation, Yoga, Acupuncture, Personal Training, Art Therapy, Family Recovery Program, Discharge Planning and Aftercare Program.

For clients who have experienced trauma in their past and are suffering from its damaging effects, we utilize a new revolutionary therapy, Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT), which is the most promising treatment technique for trauma-affected mental health disorders like PTSD.

Florida Center for Recovery is the only addiction treatment center in the country where (RRT) is delivered by the founder and developer of the therapy, Dr. Jon Connelly. RRT is known to produce remarkable results in as quickly as just one session of therapy and has had an incredible impact in the recovery process of clients suffering from PTSD.

Family Recovery Programs and Relapse Prevention Therapy

Our Family Recovery Program is developed to support and enhance the quality of our clients' relationships with their families and loved ones. In this program we provide family members with a forum to learn positive communication skills to address chronic issues and concerns under the guidance of a professional mediator.

Our Relapse Prevention Therapy is part of our addiction treatment programs and it is delivered through cognitive behavioral therapy (individual and group). During the course of Relapse Prevention Therapy, clients learn mindfulness such as how to identify warning signs and triggers, manage sober time, and develop a solid foundation for recovery.

Residential and Outpatient Addiction Treatment Programs in Florida

At Florida Center for Recovery's drug and alcohol rehab center, clients in need of detoxification are admitted directly to the detox facility. After the detoxification process clients reside in one of our modern residential halls, men or women, located on campus. One of the advantages of treatment at FCR is the fact that all treatments are provided within our 12 acre private facility, which eliminates the need for transporting clients to different locations for different treatment. Clients get the unique combination of traditional and holistic therapies, provided by our caring and experienced staff that will get to know each and every one, for the personalized treatment that each client deserves. We believe that treatment and healing is more effective when performed under the supervision of professionals who work closely in the same facility and communicate effectively throughout the treatment process.

Our medical team of physicians, psychiatrists and nursing professionals are available 24/7 to ensure the safety and comfort of our clients. Our therapy staff consists of addiction treatment specialists, mental health counselors and licensed social workers with years of experience in addiction treatment and mental health. The therapeutic staff works closely with the medical team to provide a seamless, effective and lasting recovery for our clients.

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Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Florida

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Addiction Treatment Center in Florida

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