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The use of a new drug called 4-methyl-euphoria is being witnessed by many officials in Europe, while Narconon International attempts to block the drug's path toward the US, which often happens when a new drug is made. They plan to intercept most of it before it even gets a chance to be known here. Drugs like these, such as bath salts and Spice, are part of a new drug craze that has sprung over the years; synthetic drugs are becoming more popular, and more dangerous as the years go by.

Kids, teens, and young adults are experimenting more and more with substances containing stimulants and depressants, combining the deadliest concoctions. One of the worst things about this new drug is that it is actually legal in Europe, which is a derivative of 4-methylaminorex according to the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction from Lisbon, Portugal (4-methylaminorex is an illegal drug similar with effects found from using methamphetamine).

Obviously, it is another form of this drug, but since its chemical composition and properties are different from the illegal version, it is legal. This presents a problem because people are finding ways to avoid punishment for the obvious crimes of producing harmful drugs for money, or any reason for that matter.

An estimated 18 deaths were reported last year in the UK due to 4-methyl-euphoria, and another 8 in Hungary according to a news report article on PRWEB in 2013. They also report that it is produced and sold in powder and tablet form, in any shape or color. Some of the effects of using 4-methyl-euphoria are:

  • the user's body may begin to overheat quickly upon use
  • mood Agitation arises
  • there are problems breathing
  • cardiac arrest may occur

All of these symptoms are similar to other powerful stimulants like meth. Dealers and distributors use a simple tactic to market their new drug: they lie. They claim it is great and long-lasting, however, the part about death or being hospitalized is never mentioned. It is expected, though not hoped for, that the drug will arrive in the US, and into the hands of more young adults who simply seek a fun recreational experience. It's important to note that the Narconon International website provides public information on drugs and recovery information, which has been updated to include this new drug called 4-methyl-euphoria. @ http://www.narconon.org/drug-abuse/stimulants/synthetics.html

Please discuss or review these helpful information sites with your family and friends to avoid using any of these deadly substances in the future.

Source Article: http://www.prweb.com/releases/narconon-warning/synthetic-drugs/prweb11668964.htm

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