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Is Addiction Treatment Covered by Insurance?

Research Says Social Interaction Is 'Less Rewarding for Cocaine Users'

Heavy Drinkers More Prone to 'Alcoholic Fatty Lung'

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Alcohol and Drug Abuse Amongst Lawyers Has Become a Growing Problem

Brain Damage in Addicts May Lead to Repeated Drug Use

'Pharmacology' and Its Role in Recovery

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MDMA Is More Dangerous in a Warmer Setting

Treating an Addict: from a Doctor's Perspective

Official Changes in DSM V for Substance Abuse Disorders

Cough Syrup Endorsed by Celebrities Gets Pulled out of Market

Cocaine Addiction May Different in Men and Women

Schedule II Controlled Substances

Schedule I Controlled Substances

Drinking and Driving Laws in Florida

Understanding the 0.08 Blood/Alcohol Concentration When Driving

Health Officials Support Wider Access to Drug Addiction Medication

Study Finds that Baclofen Drug Has Potential to Prevent Cocaine Prevent Relapse

Have You Heard of Fomo Addiction: The Fear of Missing Out

New Synthetic Drug: 4-Methyl-Euphoria

Affordable Health Care Act

Benefits of Rehab in a 28 Day Program

How Does a Full Grown Adult Develop a Cough Syrup Habit?

South Florida Heroin Epidemic

Gambling- Disorders of Impulse Control

Oxycontin and Vicodin Tops Lists of Abused Prescription Drugs

Stimulants in Bath Salts Produce Effects Similar to MDMA

Cocaine Addicts and Emotional Lows

Why Is Addiction to Meth So Common?

Ecstasy Can Be Psychologically and Physically Addictive

Why Do People Cut Themselves?

Mixing Heroin with Alcohol

Is Tramadol a Narcotic?

Can I Quit Percocet Cold Turkey?

Can I Quit Heroin Cold Turkey?

Sobriety Brings Freedom, Focus, and Strength

What Happens When You Snort Heroin?

The Relationship Between Alcohol and Social Cues

Oxycontin, Opana, and Heroin: Addictions and Future Solutions

Life After Rehab

Molly Drug Use More Common than You Think

Rising Rate of Propofol Abuse By Health Care Professionals

Women Seek Alcohol Treatment Earlier than Men

The Family Guide to Marijuana Myths and Facts

Links Between Gambling and Substance Abuse

ER Visits Spike as ADHD Prescription Medication Abuse Grows

Alcohol Detecting Bracelet

Oxycontin Addiction Treatment

Dialing 911: The Good Samaritan Act

18 U.S. Women Died Every Day from Prescription Drug Abuse in 2010

Exalgo Abuse Potential

Designer Stimulants Presented in Journal of Addiction Medicine

Missing Enzyme Linked to Drug Addiction

Tallahassee Cracking Down on Synthetic Marijuana

Surge in Use of Legal Highs: Middle-Aged Most at Risk

What Do Synthetic Drugs Involve?

Ethics in Rehab

Sleeping Pill Addiction

Pain Pill Shortage Drives Florida Drug Addicts to Heroin

New Book Tackles Myths and Misperceptions About Marijuana

Rising Rate of Propofol Abuse

What Are Roofies?

What Are Psychedelic Drugs?

Modafinil: Research Suggests Risk for Addiction in Vulnerable People

Getting the Facts on Alcopops

Adult ADHD Tied to Higher Instances of Substance Abuse

The Dangers of Molly

"The Legal Killer" - A Synthetic Drug Called Benzo Fury

Using Narcan to Prevent or Reverse Overdoses

What is a Hybrid Addiction

Pinellas County is Fighting Back Against Prescription Drug Abuse

Apps for Recovering Addicts

3 Reasons to Choose Florida Center Recovery

Hoarding Disorder

Addiction Treatment Backed by Scientific Evidence

Heroin Abuse Increases in Florida as Other Opiates Become Expensive

Christopher Kennedy Lawford Addressing Addictions


South Florida Drug Craze - Nature's Speedball

Stimulants and Addictive Problems

30 Day Rehab Programs in Florida

Serious Psychological Effects of Substance Abuse and Addiction

Shopping Spree, or Addiction?

How to Persuade Your Loved One to Seek Rehab

Holiday Addiction Treatment Help Line

Drug Detox Must Be Combined with Rehab

Study Shows Marijuana Really Does Lower IQ

Alcoholism Rewires Brain to Change Fear Response

Combining Energy Drinks with Alcohol Potentially Dangerous

What is M-Cat?

Why Gambling Addiction Can Be More Dangerous than Drugs or Alcohol

Pill Mill Crackdown in Florida Causes a Drop in Prescription Drug Deaths

Marijuana Addiction Treatment in Orlando

Live Chat to Help Drug Addicts and their Families to Find Help

Heroin Abuse in Florida

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