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Detox Massage, a key component of our alternative therapy programs at Florida Center for Recovery, is one of our most effective methods to treat the host of withdrawal symptoms that occur during detoxification. Detox massage has been particularly successful in helping our clients overcome nausea and headaches while releasing toxins from their bodies. Furthermore, our clients rave about how detox massage increases their vitality; many even report a reduction in their cravings for drugs or alcohol.

Benefits of Detox Massage: Manual Lymphatic Drainage

The process of detoxification is accelerated with an innovative technique we use called Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD). The masseuse practices Manual Lymphatic Drainage by using gentle massaging strokes that stimulate the lymphatic system and encourage it to release metabolic waste products, as well as excess fluid and bacteria from the body. MLD also provides numerous benefits to the nervous and muscular system while promoting a better flow of fluid among the connective tissues.

Your lymphatic system plays a pivotal role in your body's defense against disease by filtering and removing microorganisms and other potentially harmful foreign substances. By keeping these toxic agents out of your bloodstream, a properly working lymphatic system allows you to enjoy the benefits of good health. When our MLD therapists stimulate your lymphatic system's drainage mechanisms, your body will experience better circulation and cell regeneration; these processes maximize detoxification, assist the healing process, and bolster the immune system.

A poorly functioning lymphatic system impedes your brain's ability to function efficiently and also impairs the performance of other critical organs.

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