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One of the main topics everywhere in America concerning addiction and government involvement: affordable health care acts supporting addiction treatment. Could this really be what many have been waiting for? Financial and medical support ready-at-hand for anyone who is clinically diagnosed with addiction--that is what is at stake for millions of people who cannot afford to be treated and struggle with addiction for years. Sometimes the wait is what kills.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Act (also known to many as "Obama care") has been making modifications to the way some insurance companies and other healthcare industries are providing treatment for abuse and mental health disorders. For one, health insurance will be substantially more affordable. That's the easy part called the Affordable Health Care Act. In effect, it is said that insurance companies will not be allowed to deny insurance coverage. Why? Because pre-existing conditions or limiting the amount of coverage an individual is given. And there are other benefits too. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, by 2014 insurance benefits packages must include treatment for the following:

  • Mental Health Disorders
  • Substance Abuse
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Rehab Service
  • Prevention and Wellness

One of the best aspects of new changes is that prevention and wellness section. The ACA aims to achieve a more in-depth examination from doctors to patients during regular visits, for regular check-ups. They will do this by implementing checkups that examine the whole patient health picture, rather than one symptom at a time. This will increase care, lower hospital visits, and lower medical costs. The negative side to all of this is the Supreme Court ruling on Medicaid Expansion. The Medicaid Expansion, if refused by the states, will make it more difficult for individuals to obtain mental health benefits, or cut partial hospitalization and other programs linked to substance abuse and mental health treatment. Mid-2014 is arriving soon, and these changes will be seen throughout the nation to finally see if Obama care turns out fine.

No matter what the controversy or argument is, the fact is that individuals who are broke and dealing with a crisis situation doesn't have time or resources to reach a sober life. Whether it's the government, president, or even good Samaritans, the only hope is the support and guidance of anyone who can lend a helping hand.

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