Alcoholism, Its Effects on The Brain, Symptoms And The Treatment

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Why Alcohol Is Mistakenly Considered a Stimulant

People often confuse alcohol as a stimulant because it relieves inhibitions at social gatherings. However, alcohol is actually a depressant and long term usage adversely affects the liver, brain function, dopamine levels and behavior. Alcoholism, or alcohol dependency, is marked by excessive and continued consumption of alcohol, regardless of the negative consequences that will result, such as:

  • A craving for alcohol
  • A loss of control over their drinking
  • Withdrawal symptoms when they are not drinking; and
  • An increased tolerance to alcohol so that they have to drink more to achieve the same effect

It is no surprise that alcoholism is leading the pack in substance abuse disorders. Legal, readily available and relatively affordable, alcohol affects people throughout every social strata. Alcohol dependency ultimately destroys the life of the abuser and corrupts external factors such as friendships and personal relationships. Most substance abusers think they can "handle" their addiction, and alcoholics are among the worst harbingers of this myth. A "functioning" alcoholic is temporarily able to sustain a balanced lifestyle, but inevitably, trouble will catch up with him or her. A DWI, an outburst at work, or short temper at home are all tell-tale signs that alcoholism has gotten the better of an individual.

In seeking alcohol addiction treatment, it is important to mention that medical supervision is essential in any safe detox program, specially where a person has been heavily reliant upon alcohol for some time. Please contact us for detail informaton on our personalized Intensive residential alcoholism treatment programs.

Alcohol Treatment Programs in Florida

Treating Alcoholism at Florida Center for Recovery

In addition to treating the actual alcohol addiction in terms of the habit, the routine, the ritual or the automatic response, we will also work with you and teach you how to identify and deal with issues hiding beneath the surface. At Florida Center for Recovery, we:

  • Help you understand what is driving you to use alcohol
  • Work with you to resolve these underlying issues
  • Build you up and empower you with a sense that, not only are your issues manageable, but that alcohol is neither a necessary or helpful solution
  • Give you the tools to live a happy and fulfilling life without alcohol and its devastating effects
  • Offer a Holistic Approach

Extended use of alcohol can be physically damaging. Medically supervised alcohol detox is highly recommended for individuals who are struggling with alcohol abuse, as there are grave dangers associated with abrupt withdrawal.

Once withdrawal symptoms are stabilized, personal training, body work, and complementary therapies help strengthen the body; at the same time, intensive psychotherapy and other reflective therapies help to deepen understanding of the underlying issues behind the urge to drink. As clarity returns, an enthusiastic engagement with a new life is fostered through engagement of fun activities with peers, as well as practicing new life-coping skills.

For more information on our addiction treatment programs and therapeutic approaches, call toll free at: 800-960-5041. Florida Center for Recovery offers residential drug and alcohol rehab treatment through 12-Step and Non 12-Step Programs.

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