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What are "Alcopops" exactly?

For most people this term may be new or unheard of as of now. Alcopops is the name coined for sweetened alcoholic beverages that are usually sold as canned beverages. They are often fruit-flavored, carbonated and designed to resemble soft drinks. Originally, alcopops only contained about 5% of alcohol, similar to one bottle of beer. In recent times, the producers of various alcopops have pushed the alcohol limits up to 12% per can. Also, alcopops were originally smaller cans, averaging in quantity from about 8 to 10 ounces. Now, these cans are supersized and reach amounts of up to 24 ounces!

Alcopops are highly popular amongst the younger age bracket of drinkers. They are known as good tasting alternatives to beer, which can quickly be chugged and cause intoxication in a relatively short period of time. There are many popular brand names known throughout different regions of the U.S., some of which have been banned in certain states.

Alcopops are also a commonly abused beverage that is often found in pulled over cars. Along with the concern of these beverages being easier to conceal, it has been found that more underaged users are consuming these beverages. The colorful marketing, colorful packaging, and not to mention the many cans resembling popular teas, are sold alongside them, giving young people the idea that they are not as alcoholic as beers.

This type of misconception is also seen in drugs such as synthetic drugs, prescription pills and other substances. Easily sold misconceptions are one of the number one sellers in most industries that deal with mind altering substances.

It is important to educate people of the dangerous potential alcopops have. Not only are they higher than the average beer in alcohol volume, but they are also highly caffeinated, which promotes more drinking and slows down the rate at which people realize they are becoming intoxicated. Alcopops have been behind a considerable number of accidents, alcohol poisonings and arrests.

For parents it is an added concern that young people are able to easily conceal the nature of the drink they are consuming. The cans are brightly colored and often have words such as lemonade or watermelon for example, which describe their tastes. As mentioned above, many popular canned teas use the same packaging strategy and are better known than alcopops. Taking a second look at the beverage a teen is drinking, should it resemble a can such as this, could be a highly beneficial endeavor.

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