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In 2013, smartphones such as Androids and Iphones are practically on every corner and in every pocket. The main thing that sets these phones apart from the older models is the applications, which make the device's capabilities almost limitless. There are applications for mapping the stars, creating a budget, using a flashlight, and even cooking dinner. This versatility has even stretched into benefitting recovering addicts. Where technology might have arrived slowly for this group of the population in the past, applications can be made and added to the market by anyone who knows how to create them. The support and guidance which many addicts rely on (to remain sober and focused on their goals) can now be better placed into their hands. A few of these applications are listed below, which can be found on the android market today.

First, the free apps.

One Recovery on the Go: This application is aimed at members of 12 step programs such as, Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Obesity Anonymous and Gambling anonymous. It helps users find meetings across the U.S. with a zip code or GPS option. The app also allows a user to send emails about meeting locations and times to friends and supporters. An integrated calendar also lets users plan out their month-to-month plans by organizing multiple meetings and appointments.

The next popular application is called iRecovery. iRecovery is set up as a positive reinforcement tool for those recovering from all types of addictions. It is password-protected so that a user can be assured of keeping their information private if they wish. Along with a journal to record feelings and thoughts, iRecovery also contains positive quotes to keep people motivated and inspired. The app is also customizable so that users can adjust the goals and behaviors that suit them best. iRecovery awards points for recovery as well as other helpful activities, motivating and inspiring as the addict progresses through their recovery.

The next app is available on the android market for $4.99, but has been rated as well worth the price with over 600 five-star rating reviews. 12 Steps AA Companion is a hefty app with many useful features. To start off, it holds the first 164 pages of the Big Book, along with personal stories. These pages and stories can be read on the phone and on the go, providing uplifting and supportive experiences at any given moment. A sobriety calculator is included in the app to help recovering addicts calculate just how long they have been successful. The 12 Step promises are also highlighted on the app to allow users easy reference to their goals and structure. Even handier is the availability of downloading the app onto a smartphone's memory card. This allows for reading and access even during low or no internet connectivity moments. The 12 Step AA Companion is also very discrete; the icon would not betray that the app has anything to do with AA, allowing privacy.

All in all, technology continues to wow the population and now, recovering addicts have even better tools at hand to cope with addiction recovery.

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