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All of our rehab facility's Clinical Consultants/Counselors are required to perform an initial health assessment, followed by more detailed assessment when you or your loved one is admitted to Florida Center for Recovery. Detailed assessments of your condition will serve as guideline for what will be achieved in your upcoming rehabilitation program. Any proposed addiction treatment program will be tailored to fit your particular needs according to your assessment and optimized to ensure your goals are achieved throughout your stay.

You may choose to invite members of your family or your significant other to participate in some aspects of your addiction treatment program, but only with your approval. Our addiction Clinical Consultant will discuss and assess your aftercare needs (if needed) following your return home.

Upon the very first step of your journey to recover, and following your initial phone consultation with one of our Clinical Consultant, you will be ready to discuss your options for addiction treatment with your family, and/or your loved ones. In other words, you will have enough information to undergo admission to the rehab center. You are under no obligation to proceed of course, but if you wish to, all you need to do is make a phone call, and all the necessary preparations for a smooth and stress-free arrival will be made. At this stage, and with your permission, we will also liaise with any of your current addiction treatment practitioners to better understand your treatment history prior to your arrival.

For more information on our drug rehab, alcohol rehab and behavioral compulsive addiction treatment programs, call toll free at: 800-960-5041

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