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Addiction treatment experts and specialists often recommend a 28-day rehab program, claiming it is one of the most beneficial ways to overcome an addiction, and rightfully. Statistics show that a month-long rehab program yields the highest success rates in clients who enroll, allowing for longer periods of sobriety as well. In short, it is a life changing experience. 28 to 30 Rehab programs are also known as inpatient or residential rehab programs, which provide living quarters for clients, state of the art facilities, top leading professionals such as licensed therapists and counselors, and even a nutritionist to make sure proper health is maintained. One of the main reasons why 28 Day Rehab Programs are so successful is because living in a rehab center surrounded by a new setting away from drugs is like hitting the reset button in someone's life. They meet new people and create new daily regimens; they can also benefit from group and private therapies, and learn to adapt to a new lifestyle and mindsets.

In addition, 28 day rehab programs allow for total body healing opportunities, treating the physical, spiritual, and mental aspects of addiction. This means that alternative therapies can also be utilized, as it works better for some clients, while others not so much, such as: meditation, acupuncture, exercising, and massage therapy. These kinds of therapy approaches should only be seen as alternative routes for the open-minded individual, although in some cases it can be recommended by the program designer.

In a 28 rehab program, it is best to start with detox prior to beginning actual treatment. If the rehab center has a detox facility within its premises, then that would be ideal. Detox lasts for about a week after the client has enrolled to the rehab center, and is aided by dedicated medical personnel who have experience working with addicts. Although some drugs may not require detox, such as cocaine, it is important to slowly wean off the drug in order to reduce cravings, which is helped by substitution therapy using other drugs given by your primary physician. After detox is complete, the client is able to begin addiction treatment therapies. Over the course of time, the client is hoped to have learned new techniques to prevent relapse and accept sobriety permanently for the rest of their lives. Overall, the benefit of a 28 rehab program is unmatched to any other program due to is obvious benefits, including:

  • Being in a positive and safe environment, away from previous drug using settings or negative influences
  • Surrounded by professionals who care; therapists, counselors, medical personnel, psychologists, physicians, nurses, physical therapist, and even a nutrition expert
  • Being able to detox in the same campus where you receive treatment is greatly beneficial
  • Meeting other addicts who are in the same situation and who can relate; creating new bonds for motivational purposes, and long lasting friendships

Most importantly, having various addiction treatment approaches at your disposal: cognitive behavioral therapy, substitution therapy, holistic therapies, group/private therapy, and relapse prevention courses to learn how to avoid triggers

For more information on our addiction treatment programs and therapeutic approaches, call toll free at: 800-960-5041. Florida Center for Recovery offers residential drug and alcohol rehab treatment through 12-Step and Non 12-Step Programs.

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