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New Year Resolutions For 2017: It’s About Being Realistic

addiction-treatment-programs-in-floridaWhen it comes to New Year Resolutions, you’ll find that many people put a lot of effort in making good resolutions and actually work toward those goals throughout the year; but for others, new year resolutions aren’t a necessary thing. Some people just don’t like the thought of feeling forced to commit to something.

But for those in recovery from drug abuse and addiction, yearly commitments are a great thing, and the more practice you get, the greater the chances of reaching your goals. A New Year resolution is just another way of setting out goals for the upcoming year, and being firm about the choices you need to make to achieve those goals. That’s what sobriety is all about: setting realistic goals, being disciplined, and being committed to your plan of action.

However, let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. Ever heard of the expression, “Don’t bite more than you can chew?” New Year Resolutions need to be realistic. That’s one of its most important qualities. Being realistic means your goals are actually doable, and not outlandish or nearly impossible to achieve, such as making a million dollars, starting a business, or getting a degree – those things tend to take years.

Realistic goals are more like: losing or gaining some weight, spending more time with family, staying sober, going on a trip out of state or country, getting into a relationship, going on a diet, or going to recovery meetings.

It’s your year, your life, your choices – HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Family and Friends of Addicts—please remember—you can’t force an individual deal with an addiction problem. But you can offer support and arrange an intervention for addiction treatment.  Reach out to us. Recovery from addiction is just a click or a phone call away. For more information on how to arrange an intervention for your loved one, contact us at:

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