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After spending more than a quarter-century in recovery, Christopher Lawford Kennedy, a man of good stock and wealth, has come out to share his perspective on recovery. After interviewing more than 100 experts in the field of recovery, he has authored a book about toxic compulsions, including addiction, its roots, and possible addiction treatment options.

If you quickly pass this off as "This isn't about me or my life," you might want to stop and think about these well documented facts: that more than 140 million people in the world suffer from alcoholism; 208 million people suffer from illegal drug abuse; in the United States alone, there are almost 4 million people with acknowledged eating disorders; as much as 5% of the American adult population suffer from a gambling addiction; roughly 1 in 50 American adults suffer from a hoarding disorder; about 12 million American adults suffer from addiction to pornography; about one BILLION people worldwide are addicted to smoking cigarettes.

Here's the tough part, as if those facts aren't enough to make you sit up and take notice: only 1 person out of 10 that suffers from alcohol or drug addiction and needs help actually gets it. And those in other areas of substance abuse are probably even less than 1 in 10.

The financial cost of substance abuse treatment is staggering, as is the attention it receives when compared to other diseases. Cancer, for example, costs about $96 billion a year in treatment, but $338 million a year is spent on research. Compare that to $185 billion a year spent on treatment of alcoholism, and $35 million a year spent on research.

What about drug abuse? $110 billion in treatment and $63 million in research. Such information leads to a logical question: If the cost of substance abuse is so much higher than the cost of cancer, why is so little given into research for a cure?

The book is called "RECOVER TO LIVE: KICK ANY HABIT, MANAGE ANY ADDICTION" by Christopher Kennedy Lawford. Copyright (c) 2013. These questions and many more are addressed in the book. What isn't answered in the book is the question only you can answer: What are you waiting for, when you can begin recovery today?

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