Cocaine Addicts and Emotional Lows

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Many people believe that when a cocaine addict is looking for their next fix or hit of cocaine, they are seeking the euphoric effects of the drug that give pleasure to the issue; however, studies show there is another side of the coin that should also be noted, which is that addicts not only seek the effects of the drug, but also, want to avoid the emotional lows that come from not using cocaine. In other words, they use the drug to not feel or be burdened by:

  • low self esteem
  • withdrawal symptoms
  • responsibilities
  • guilt or shame
  • depression
  • Mood changes

Drug addiction takes hold of its victim in that very way, making them fear not being under the influence; the body craves and needs the substance of its desire, and that keeps the body and mind satiated. So when cocaine addicts go through drug binges, it is because they are running away from the truth of the matter--that they cannot be sober without suffering.

These theories are tested with animals like lab rats. Lab rats would self-administer cocaine and when they are satisfied, they do not cry for more. But when their drug levels begin to dissipate, they begin with their negative calls of turmoil. According to many researchers, animals testing like these can give a better understanding of human interaction with drugs. They are critical because unlike human responses, rats are more reliable in their reaction to drugs and lack thereof. Human subjects may be too embarrassed to admit their craving, or lie, or have their own agendas while participating in the research. In this way humans may not always be reliable.

Both animal and human testing plays an important role in the research of drug abuse. With this ongoing research, it is possible to find new ways to treat and understand substance abuse, learning what aids in the treatment of addiction, what prevents addiction, and what humans can do to cope with drug abuse. Emotional lows are one of the key symptoms in withdrawal, so it is important to keep in mind that drug abuse deals with not only the wanting to get high, but the entrapment a person finds themselves when they are wedged between two options: get high, or real low.

If you or someone you know is struggling with cocaine addiction, please act today and consider finding a rehab center for you loved one. It's important to confront the cocaine user respectfully and be supportive of what they are going through. Call on of our licensed counselors today to receive more information on addiction treatment programs and therapies.

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