Cough Syrup Gets Pulled Out of Market

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Perhaps a common place conversation is one concerning the way the media and celebrities glorify actions and habits that are considered illegal, obscene, selfish, unrealistic and many other not-so-good ideals. Most recently, a prescription cough syrup produced by the pharmaceutical company Actavis has received more negative attention than perhaps is right.

The cough syrup has been featured in numerous songs by artists including Lil Wayne, Justin Bieber and many others. One hit wonder Soulja Boy even posted a photo on his Instagram account featuring several bottles of the prescription painkiller. "Sizzurp" Is the concoction that many celebrities sip, which is a mix of prescription cough syrup, soda and hard candies. The main ingredient that provides the buzz in the cough syrup mix is codeine, a sedative. It normally causes drowsiness, relaxation and minor pain relief. When abused, the cough syrup is a powerful narcotic.

Actavis is just one of many pharmaceutical companies that produce prescription cough syrup such as the one featured in Soulja Boy's Instagram photo. But unlike the other companies, Actavis stepped forward and ordered for the cough syrup to stopped being produced completely. Company representatives explain their halting production to be due to the glorification of abusing the substance generated by the socialites and celebrities that millions worldwide follow on their various social media accounts, and through the art produced that openly promoted the drug abuse. Actavis realized that this glorification and distasteful attention to the abuse of one of their products is "unlawful and dangerous".

The message that is being passed out by popular celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne and others is that it is cool to abuse an addictive substance, which also means potentially putting your life at risk. It was realized that many would very willingly emulate the celebrities they look up to, those who have no regard for the lives of their fans, or their health. The stand up decision made by Actavis is proof that at least some pharmaceutical companies care for the wellbeing of those they serve, instead of being focused on the dollar amounts gained from each individual who might willingly and continually abuse their product.

It is important for individuals who might be privy to those who condone substance abuse, that just because the cough syrup is produced by a pharmaceutical company, and prescribed by doctors does not mean the substance is safe to use outside of doctor direction by any means. Like other addictive, sedative substances, prescription cough syrup does hold the potential to kill an individual who accidentally takes more than prescribed- if at all. The negative reactions could include depressed breathing rates, heartbeat rates, blood pressure, organ function and can lead to coma or death in the most serious cases.

While the youngest generations do not have much to combat the sensory advertisements set forth by their idolized celebrities, it is important for those who do have enough common sense to keep in mind that substance abuse is dangerous, addictive and can end a life by the simplest of accidents.

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