Journal Of Addiction Medicine: Designer Stimulants

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New data was collected concerning the use and effects of hazardous designer drugs being sold over the internet and in the streets, which was once known as the "bath salts" craze. But there are many stimulant drugs that need to be looked out for, most of which cannot be recognized because they are changing everyday to avoid the law. Chemicals are constantly being mixed and combined so as to not be called "unlawful."

These new designer drugs are called "substituted cathinone" stimulants, which also contain stain removers and other simple household products. Many wonder if these drugs are actually doing harm to our society, and the facts do not lie: U.S. poison control centers for example, received an increase of 300 calls in 2010, and reached over 6,000 by 2011. This increase speaks for itself, entailing a great deal of abuse, addiction, overdose, deaths, hospitalizations, and violence in communities everywhere across the globe, as well as outside the country like in Europe and Asia.

One of the things being noted is that the effects of these drugs resemble that of cocaine, amphetamines, and stimulant-like drugs. However, there are many compounds being formulated on a daily basis in clandestine labs everywhere. They are often sniffed and swallowed, straying away from injections since there is a stigma against needles. Are they easily deadly? Yes, because they lead to hallucinations, delusions, violence, fast heart rate, and agitation on regular doses. Medical complications and suicide are the current great fear in parents; many of them don't know their children are abusing these drugs until it is far too late. Chronic ongoing use also results in dependency, tolerance, and withdrawal.

Many officials in the medical community are realizing that there isn't any "one way" to treat synthetic drug abuse because there are no formal guidelines as of yet, which is stressful when kids and teens are dying left and right. They just don't know what chemicals are in the drugs, so it's like shooting in the dark. In many cases, patients who are under the influence of synthetic drugs are harmful to themselves and others. Safety precautions such as safe monitoring by medical personnel are mandatory and needed. Researchers must continue to find trends while at the same time, hope that law enforcement does their part in stopping distribution and production of designer stimulants for the long run. Addiction treatment at a rehab facility is also one of the desperately needed resources in saving lives, and helping people recover back to a normal lifestyle.

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