What Are The Different Types Of Addictions?

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Addiction is a chronic, recurring disease that the world is just beginning to understand to be the serious affliction that it is. For a very long time, the stigma of addiction clouded the actual spread of information of the disease, creating more challenges and misguided perceptions. Many people perceived addiction as a disease of laziness and greed, which is often totally false.

In recent times however, leaps and bounds have been made in the study of addictions, and the treatment of them. It is now more widely known the serious nature of addiction, as well as the fact that it can happen to any person from any social, financial and ethnic background. With the furthering of knowledge in this field, it became apparent that addiction was not a one size fits all type of illness. Just as it can affect many different types of people, the types of addiction are many and different as well.

The first kind of addiction, which is the one that pops into mind when most people think of an addiction, is substance addiction. This encompasses alcoholics, heroin addicts, meth addicts and every other addict who abuses a mind altering substance. Substance addiction is characterized most strongly by a dependence on a specific drug in which the body (as well as the mind) craves it in order to remain at a normal functioning level.

Substance addictions are the most publicized addictions today, and for good reason. The vast majority of addictions revolve around some drug or another, and treatment methods to help combat the growing number of those who suffer from addiction are expanding rapidly. This leads into another characterization of substance addiction. Individuals who are addicted to a particular substance experience withdrawal symptoms should they stop it quickly, or outright. Withdrawal symptoms can range from mild things such as dizziness to sleeplessness, as well as more harsh reactions such as seizures, organ failure and severe depression. Substance addiction is a very powerful form of addiction that with the added help of the drug in play can turn an individua's life inside out.

The next form of addiction is behavioral addictions. Also referred to as process addictions, behavioral addictions cover obsessive and excessive repetition of actions that range from sex, to internet usage, gambling, eating food and more. Individuals who suffer from a behavioral addiction feel a similar crave and need to perform their addictive processes just as a heroin addict will crave another hit. Behavioral addictions can be extremely gripping and in some cases cause as much damage as a substance addiction to an individual'Ss life style.

Behavioral addictions have been found to be most often related to a trauma that an individual experienced during childhood or earlier in life. Thus, behavioral addictions are often deeply rooted in psychological and emotional affairs. Both types of addiction require specialized treatment in most cases, in order for an individual to heal from it.

Withdrawal is common and yet very different with both types of addictions, requiring assistance via medical professionals as well as peer support. The mechanics of both forms of addiction are complex in their own ways while sharing one main commonality; addiction. Knowing that there is more to addiction than a drunk that passes out on the streets is an important concept to be aware of. The more different types of addictions are understood and known, the sooner that hundreds of people could potentially get help, or be persuaded to do so and thus change their lives.

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