Eating Disorder Treatment

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Eating Disorder Treatment

Eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia nervosa affect mostly women. Women with eating disorders are often in denial about the symptoms of their severe weight loss or appearance, and an intervention is recommended immediately when health concerns arise.

As abnormalities in eating and weight control behaviors are potentially dangerous and life-threatening, Florida Center for Recovery will always conduct a thorough medical and psychiatric assessment to ensure that any client seeking treatment for eating disorders will be properly supported by a comprehensive treatment plan. In some cases, a full medical team will work closely with our eating disorder specialists and dietitians to ensure that a coordinated response is always available.

Our approach to eating disorders is person-centered, flexible and supportive. We do not condone a 'boot camp' approach, nor do we support forced feeding in the case of anorexia nervosa, unless it is a medical emergency. For this reason, a client must be ready to seek treatment and be open to our support. For those clients who are seriously underweight, approval from their primary doctor must be obtained prior to acceptance to our eating disorder treatment program.

In line with our overall philosophy of healing mind, body and spirit, our eating disorders treatment program at Florida Center for Recovery is individually customized and coordinated with a medical and psychiatric team. Our eating disorder treatment will:

  • Address health issues and restore the body through a healthy diet
  • Provide restorative therapies, including nutritional rehabilitation, behavior relearning and supported eating plans
  • Establish effective methods to help clients cope and deal with dysfunctional cognition and emotions. (Often, high anxiety and depression coexist with eating disorders)
  • Involve families through our Family Recovery Program
  • Provide education about the condition and foster healthier lifestyle choices
  • Provide continuum support for local clients
  • Provide a discharge plan to help clients find support in their local communities

Eating Disorder Rehab in Florida

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