Ecstasy Can Be Psychologically and Physically Addictive

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Ecstasy has addictive properties that affect not only the body when abused, but the mind as well. It can be psychologically addicting to the user when abused over a certain period of time, maybe weeks or even days after initial use. But why?

Being psychologically dependent on a substance means becoming attached to the feelings of euphoria, being more socially comfortable, the alertness and stimulation, and having more energy to dance or other recreational activities. While this is happening, the body may also be growing dependence on the drug as well, adding to the difficulty of quitting.

Ecstasy today has transformed into mollies, which have similar effects and addictive qualities. It is used mostly for dance parties, concerts, and raves. Although it takes several doses to actually overdose or increase the risk of being hospitalized, these kinds of drugs can ultimately result in many negative consequences, such as financial ruin, loss of employment, personality changes, and relationship problems.

Withdrawal symptoms include a combination of mental and physical effects, such as:

  • anxiety
  • insomnia
  • depression
  • loss of appetite
  • hallucinations
  • nightmares
  • seizures
  • weakness
  • and some cognition impairment like concentration deficiency

With proper dieting, exercise, and positive thinking, ecstasy addiction can be treated by slowly withdrawing from the drug, or using fewer doses in the initial stages. Also, addiction rehab centers can help by providing 24 hour monitoring services and medical personnel to guide the individual to sobriety. Also recommended is avoiding triggers and environmental influences that cause addicts to relapse and return to their drug habits. This means staying away from parties and friends who regularly use the drug.

If you or someone you know is struggling with ecstasy addiction or abuse, then it is important to confront the issue right away before the problem intensifies. Many drug users end up mixing substances together to experiment with other highs, build tolerance over time, go broke, and even participate in crimes to get more drugs. Not only will the world around them change, but their internal world as well, such as depression, irritability, loss of sleep, energy and concentration, and aggression. Addiction rehab facilities are able to provide around the clock supervision, relapse prevention techniques, and group therapy to help unravel the deeply rooted problems of each individual client. No treatment is the same, and outpatient and inpatient programs are available to guide the user toward sobriety, making a smooth transition back to society and normal living.

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