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Exalgo is an opioid medication for the management of moderate to severe pain for patients who need ongoing treatment for their ailments, and is specifically not intended for acute pain (brief or in short bursts), mild pain, and postoperative pain. In fact, it is important to note that Exalgo is only for patients that have established and verified their tolerance for opioid medications. This is a significant requirement because Exalgo contains hydromorphone, which is an opioid agonist and a Schedule II controlled substance. Hydromorphone can easily be abused, and has strong addictive potential for users, creating states of dependency, higher tolerance levels, and even addiction.

These precautions and warnings should be considered before taking or prescribing, or recommending Exalgo to a friend or loved one. A person does not have to be an addict or a substance abuser when deciding not to give them this drug, for addiction can happen to anyone unintentionally. Some people go as far as to discard the drug entirely in order to avoid dependency. However, this is also not recommended by doctors. It is not a good idea to avoid taking opioid medications when they are needed, even though the user fears becoming addicted; this is a stigma that many doctors and health specialists are trying to avoid. If a patient is in need of a prescription painkiller, then they ought to take it with great precaution, and not fear addiction. Patients still have ailments to take care of and not all of them are abusers or potential addicts.

"Uncontrolled delivery" of Exalgo, meaning misuse or abuse, include: crushing, chewing, snorting, or injecting the liquid form of Exalgo will greatly increase the likelihood of overdose or immediate death upon use. The main concern for many doctors however, which should be noted by all patients and users, is respiratory depression. Unfortunately, this is one of the precautions that need to be monitored constantly by all doctors and users, for it may lead to respiratory arrest and death if not attended to. A respiratory depression means a reduced urge to breathe and a decreased rate of respiration. The only way to manage this symptom is through close observation, as well as the use of opioid antagonists. These precautions are more carefully checked when doses are increased, or during the beginning of the patients initial therapy with opioid usage. In order to avoid health complications or death, doctors recommend the following:

Watch for proper dosing of Exalgo, and that it should be prescribed only by healthcare professionals. Only opioid tolerant patients should use Exalgo. Exalgo should only be swallowed as intended; if not, the likelihood of death will increase.

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