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The onset of any addiction can be very fast and uncontrolled. But more than others, addiction to gambling can progress faster, and cause more problems than many other addictions. Some people in this moment are thinking to themselves, how can this be possible? The destructiveness of drugs like heroin could very well top gambling, right? Although drugs and alcohol can definitely cause serious health complications such as higher risks for experiencing heart attacks, seizures, coma, and mental illness among many other symptoms, the premier danger of gambling is in the sheer speed at which the addiction progresses.

The reason behind many addictions is the pleasure seeking process. The faster and more intense the pleasurable release the more addictive the action turns out to be. There is an enormous list of addictions, mainly because humans have been found to find comfort in many things. Aside from the well known drug and alcohol addictions, there are addictions which include gaming, hair pulling, porn-watching, throwing up, and shopping, just to name a few.

In a drug or alcohol addiction, a person begins abusing the substance at a somewhat small or light level. The pleasure and relief gained from drug or alcohol abuse is learned over time. As the abuse ages, the human body builds tolerance and eventually requires high amounts of the drug or alcohol to make a difference, or just to sustain a normal functioning state in the person's mind. A heavy alcohol or drug dependency can take from as little as a few weeks to years to reach full blown heights. On the other hand, gambling can lead to severe addiction and problems right off the bat. This is because gambling, unlike many other addictions, grants the automatic win, pleasure, relief and gain. The subject of the matter is money or valuable objects, which can be a very powerful thing in both concept, and in the real world. In the sense that gambling sometimes grants the player instantaneous monetary gain, it is extremely easy for a person to become enveloped in the frenzy of playing.

Although winning money actually isn't extremely common throughout most of the gambling world, and big sums are rare to winners, just a few cents or dollar can give gambling addicts a powerful high. So it comes now, to how this addiction can destroy health, relationships, work, and the very life that a gambling addict once had.

Just as the onset of gambling addiction takes hold of one as quickly as a wildfire, so do the consequences. Those suffering received from drug or alcohol addiction compared to gambling addiction face many of the same potential negative outcomes. Both are at a high risk for diminishing relationships, losing work, and causing serious health risks. However, unbeknownst to many, gambling addiction can have more powerful, negative effect than drug or alcohol addiction.

Because addiction can set in so quickly, and progress at uncontrollable speed, this makes the consequences ever more present and quick to set in. One of the worst aspects of the addiction is that many gamblers loose obscene amounts of their hard earned money in very small amounts of time. This is usually the factor that destroys relationships and friendships. Since it becomes impossible for someone to support a family when their gambling addiction is sucking every penny out of them, the strain between partners can be more than either can bear. Homes fall into risk since bills often go unpaid, and children fall at risk of losing a parent, if not both in these kinds of situations.

The speed factor plays into almost every aspect of gambling addiction. Paired with struggling financial standing and relationships, the repetitious hours spent on gambling can lead to profound depression. As a chain reaction, the depression and repetition can lead to a laundry list of health problems. Those who suffer from severe gambling addiction could turn to drug or alcohol abuse to help cope with the mounting problems in their lives. These people could also neglect preexisting or arising health concerns on account of their funding being poured into a casino or machine.Many find it curious, how someone could willingly throw away everything they worked for in their lives. Many feel that they have a simple answer; it is to just stop. But of course, it is not even close to being that easy.

Just like a drug or alcohol addiction, a gambling addict has a seemingly physical need to gamble. They cannot simply say no. In order to defeat a gambling addiction, many need therapy and assistance in isolating the behaviors which drive the addiction. Depending on the cause for the addiction, some may need assistance in coping with traumatic life experiences or problems which may seem too difficult to face alone. It can take considerable time to heal from the addiction and once more establish a steady lifestyle. It can take even longer to recover financially, if the person has fallen deeply in debt. The sheer weight that comes from the money deficit and the inability to repair that deficit can be life breaking for some people. With the economy so low, and times as hard as they are, gambling addiction can make a person sick with worry and have no control over their own lives. The money and the speed involved in the addiction are nearly unstoppable catalysts to problems for those susceptible to the addiction.

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