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Drug addiction medication according to many health officials, is one of the few effective ways to help an individual treat their addiction, in addition to utilizing counseling and rehab therapy; they ought to go hand-in-hand because a combination of these approaches will cover many aspects of the overall treatment. For example, many health specialists claim that addiction should be first treated in the physical realm, rather focusing on the mental or psychological aspect of addiction. Although this is true in some cases, addiction treatment itself is rather broad due to the nature of addiction and how each specific case is different from the next. Heroin and cocaine addicts for example may suffer harsh withdrawal symptoms and crave the drug, causing them to relapse, while other drugs may have a psychological attachment to the user (such as depression, or coping with trauma).

For this reason many health officials are pushing for better insurance coverage for drug addiction medication. They argue that health care providers and insurance companies should better support "patient access to drug addiction medication." The urgency is caused by the increasing numbers of deaths, such as prescription painkillers killing around 16,000 people a year in the US. Some names of these treatment medications are methadone, buprenorphine and naltrexone, which are said to be both affordable and safe to use. It seems this route is underutilized, not to mention the stigma that follows. It is important to note that these commentaries are supported by Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

People believe that using one drug to replace another will only lead to abuse and/or addiction to the new drug rather than actually helping the user stop. This is only what is believed, as researchers have already shown that it lowers cravings, helps prevent relapse, and has little or no negative effect on the body. This is debatable still, as drugs like methadone have potential for abuse.

There are two things that are vital to remember. Firstly, if you are seeking treatment for you or your loved one, it is good to keep and open mind to many of the available therapy options, because as each addiction is different, so is the person, and so is the method in achieving sobriety. It's not wrong in other words, to endure trial and error. Secondly, if medications will be used to treat the addiction (as seen in medication assisted therapy), then it is recommended that you combine it with complementary counseling, such as group or family therapy, individual psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and more.

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