Heroin Abuse in Florida

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Heroin has become the deadly drug of use and abuse in communities in Florida. With addicts desperate for a cheaper high to replace prescription drugs, addiction treatment facilities are treating more clients for heroin addiction and Florida hospitals are reporting more overdoses and fatalities due to heroin abuse in the recent months.

Florida Center for Recovery has seen a significant increase in clients reporting heroin use as their primary drug of choice," said the director of detox and substance abuse programs.

Medically speaking, heroin addiction is identical to opioid addiction. As far as addicts are concerned the difference comes only in price. While OxyContin is sold on the street for $40 to $50 a pill, heroin can be found for as little as $8 a bag. That's why many say: The devil's bargain for addicts. But, this bargain comes with a higher price tag. While prescription drugs are understood to be pure and manufactured under a controlled environment we can't say the same for heroin which comes from unknown places with unknown added ingredients. In Florida there have been several reported deaths of individuals who have perished with instant respiratory failure after using heroin.

In Collier and Lee counties, law enforcement authorities have reported that they hadn't seen the drug in this region for "quite a while," but that a major resurgence has occurred. It seems like individuals who were previously addicted to prescription drugs such as Oxycontin are now using heroin. Two factors that may have contributed to this shift are the reformulation of OxyContin in 2010, making the drug harder to crush and or dissolve in water and the continuous crack down and shut down of pill mills in Florida.

Clinical director of Florida Center for Recovery say that there is no typical heroin user. He also mentions that clients struggling with heroin addiction who are admitted to the treatment center come from all walks of life and some are as young as 20 years old.


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