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Many would assume that completing rehab and rejoining the normal flow of life would be an exciting and happy event. In actuality, this phase of recovery often leaves people anxious, nervous and some may even be fearful of the free reign they suddenly gain. The worries are common ones to addicts. They fear that without the regular community of recovering addicts and supervision of healthcare personnel, both which lend support during times of cravings and weakened resolve, relapse might be imminent. Some worry that re-entering the habitat in which they used to abuse a substance might be too much to handle, and others don't have much to return to at all. While every single recovering addict must take the step to immersing themselves in solo-flight back in the world, it can be one of the most delicate steps in recovery.

Living in a rehab program for some time and returning home are two environments which starkly contrast each other. On one hand, the rehab program has a scheduled day of therapy, eating hours, relaxing hours and other planned out activities. On top of that, live-in rehab facilities have medical personnel and other supervising members to ensure safety and productivity. At the home environment, there are none of these things. Many addicts might even return home without a job waiting for them to pick up where they left off. This leaves a lot of free time, with no structure. Many addicts feel abandoned or lost once they lose the stability of the rehabilitation program and negative thinking is the main culprit in relapses at this stage.

The best thing for recovering addicts who are returning home for rehab is a daily regimen that helps the healing process. This regimen would optimally keep the individual busy with constructive tasks. Examples of good things to do upon returning home would be cleaning, redecorating for a fresh start, looking for a job if necessary, and exercises such as yoga or going to the gym. Any hobbies that create positive feelings are good time fillers as well. For extra support in the moving and living at home faze, many people are recommended to attend the support group meetings that are held locally and for free. These meetings are a good way of getting that stability and support that many people still need long after their rehab program has ended. By meeting people who are working through similar problems it is also a good way to establish healthy friendships not centered on drug or alcohol abuse.

For some however, returning home can be harder than just the psychological aspect of things. Some individuals left home in a terrible state. This can sometimes mean that there are still drugs or drug paraphernalia in the home. Or, there may be individuals living in the home that still abuse substances and thus put the recovering individual at a substantially high risk for relapse. In these cases, and many other difficult scenarios, recovering addicts for are leaving a rehab program may choose to live in a halfway house for some time. In a sober living home, or half way house there is the added support that while isn't as structured as the actual rehab program, is still enough to gently ease a person into reentering free living. Sober living arrangements are also good places to spend time while an individual is getting back on their feet, looking for a job or an apartment away from negative influences.

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