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Orlando has been one of the cities in Florida to have its fair share on addiction problems, and in Orlando, like in many other cities, marijuana addiction or marijuana abuse, ranks as the number one substance of abuse accounting for the majority of admissions for treatment.

Just like everywhere else, a significant amount of the population in Orlando will argue whether or not marijuana can become addictive, but there is no better proof than those who have sought help for their own addiction to marijuana. It may be the case that some are more susceptible to developing an addiction to marijuana than others. However, for those hoping to treat marijuana addiction in Orlando or elsewhere, the process is equally as important and sensitive as for individuals being treated for cocaine or heroin addiction.

Although marijuana users may experience mild depression at worst from stopping the use of marijuana, inpatient rehab, also known as residential rehab, is the right path many individuals have chosen to take control over their lives. Drug rehabilitation for marijuana may not sound too drastic, but more often than not, individuals who are abusing marijuana will eventually move on to harder drugs, as marijuana will no longer satisfy their need for a better high. The rush and or disconnection individuals abusing substances are seeking, are usually a cover up for issues that are beneath the surface. That being said, one can now understand why it is important to treat individuals abusing marijuana. Addiction treatment programs will help individuals understand what is driving them to use and abuse marijuana and give you the tools to live a happy and fulfilling life without having to resort to substances, be it marijuana or any other drug.

If you or someone you know needs treatment for marijuana addiction or marijuana abuse, Florida Center for Recovery offers substance abuse treatment as well as treatment for process addiction such as gambling addiction. Our addiction treatment programs include the following therapies which may vary slightly depending on each client's situation: cognitive-behavioral therapy, support groups, life-skills preparation, individual and family therapy, rehab counseling, psychotherapy, dual diagnosis treatment, 12 steps recovery, relapse prevention, and our emotional healing therapies delivered through detox massage, yoga, acupuncture, art therapy, exercise and fitness classes.

Fortunately, individuals who seek treatment for marijuana addiction have a high rate of achieving recovery. With dedication, understanding and support, clients are able to see the difference between a drug abusive lifestyle, and a clear minded lifestyle.

When a person suffers from a severe case of drug or alcohol addiction, the best method of treatment is seeking professional help at an addiction treatment facility. Licensed therapists and counselors at Florida Center for Recovery are trained to conduct effective treatment for various kinds of addictions, as well as mental health issues and those suffering from psychological distress.

For more information on our addiction treatment programs and therapeutic approaches, call toll free at: 800-960-5041. Florida Center for Recovery offers residential drug and alcohol rehab treatment through 12-Step and Non 12-Step Programs.

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