MDMA Is More Dangerous In A Warmer Setting

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Studies show that MDMA doesn't mix well with warmer brain temperature, as more cases are being linked to higher risk in death. It' s commonly known that chronic use of MDMA leads to memory issues, and it's even associated with Alzheimer's disease. It is obvious that MDMA is not one of the safest recreational drugs, especially when higher temperatures are usually the environment for its use. Raves, concerts, packed parties, beach outings; it's all a big challenge to the human body.

The effects of MDMA generally increase brain and body temperature. Research was conducted to find out what the effects were of MDMA while in warmer environments. When rats were tested to see if they could eliminate excessive heat while on MDMA, it was found that this ability became impaired. Also, when these rats were experimented side-by-side in a cage, or when they were in a warmer setting, the rats died. Scientists hypothesized that the warmer the environment, the more likely heat will be too over-bearing on the user of the drug, leading to a higher risk of death. Because of this, there is research being done to target the constrictions of blood vessels in the skin, and cause full body cooling to help save a person dying from heat exhaustion.

If in any case this drug is being used (which is not recommended, as usually the contents in MDMA are not well-known), it is vital to remember that water is required at all times, especially if the user is partaking in a lot of activity. They will basically tire themselves out, and the body will in essence become dehydrated. This effect, especially when mixed with alcohol, is a recipe for disaster. The reason why today's society is going through much turmoil at raves and concerts is because young adults and teens take these risks without knowing consequences of taking MDMA, thus leading to sudden hospitalization.

Of course, many users of MDMA believe water will solve all these problems, but MDMA also leads to high-risk behavior, like driving impaired, sexual abuse, or having unprotected sex. So drinking water is not the "be-all, end-all" solution, as MDMA can lead to overdose depending on the individual's physiologically response to the drug, and also, the amount taken. If you take 1 or 2 too many, then your heart rate goes up, and your body begins to do more than it can take. In an overdose, there person can black out, lose all brain and body function, and even stop breathing. So far, many lives have already been lost as government officials continue to find a way to gain more awareness to the public of the dangers of MDMA.

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