Mixing Heroin With Alcohol

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What happens when you mix one of the most dangerous drugs in the world, heroin, with one of the most dangerous legal substance in the world, alcohol?

Disaster, that's what. To begin with heroin alone can lead to overdose, emergency hospitalizations, problems with the law, and immediate death if the user cannot handle it. And it's not hard to overdose on heroin because its potency is never really known until taken, and also, the user doesn't know for certain how they will react to the drug (especially if it's their first time trying it.)

In addition, alcohol itself is responsible for many accidents, overdoses, hospitalizations, and problems with the law as well. So to combine these two monsters, is to create a monster of a problem. Heroin and alcohol effects should be taken seriously, and one should never attempt to combine under any circumstance. Alcohol alone in moderation is ok, and even legal. However, heroin alone can kill a person. Here are some of the effects a user should expect if he or she combines alcohol and heroin: euphoria, numbness, lightheadedness, and relaxation.

But here are the adverse reactions that can arise unexpectedly and without warning: trouble coordinating movements, problems breathing, potential for overdose, slowed heart rate, tremors, loss of consciousness, and dizziness. Aside from the fact that these effects can lead to an accident, the main problem is that alcohol poisoning is more likely to happen when mixed with heroin, and the user cannot predict how their body will react to the mix.

The worse possible scenario is experiencing a heroin/alcohol overdose. It makes it harder for medical personnel to save the dying user, and also, it yields a high possibility for death. The best thing to do is avoid heroin entirely, and drink moderately and responsibly. If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol addiction, heroin addiction, a combination of the two, then it is important to confront the user, conduct an intervention, or help them find help for their substance abuse problem. Time is of the essence; their next fix can be their last, so it is crucial to act quickly and help the abuser realize that what they are doing is life-threatening. It is only a thin line between euphoria and overdose, which cannot be gauged by anyone alone. The nature of overdoses is that they are often unexpected and undetected. People surrounding the user may think they are sleeping or resting, when in reality they have slipped into a coma. Please speak to a counselor today to determine which treatment therapies are best for you or your loved one.

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