New Book Tackles Myths and Misperceptions About Marijuana

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Marijuana is one of the only drugs out there today that may have an equally broad populations of people who support its use and legalization as there are individuals who oppose it. Many regard marijuana as a "good drug" because it is grown from the ground, it is used for medicinal properties and generally has milder side effects than other hard drugs.

However, most people who engage in marijuana use and support its usage are often victim to it; they may be psychologically dependent on it. In addition, there are many misconceptions, misperceptions and myths about the drug. A new book produced by the University of Florida, "Weed: Family Guide to Marijuana Myths and Facts", is aimed to shed new light on the situation of the ever-growing misinformation surrounding the drug.

One point that is discussed in the book is the advancement of marijuana over the past handful of decades. Some parents who used to dabble in marijuana use are more apt to allowing their children to experience the same pastime. However, in the book it is explained why this is a terrible misconception. That is, the misconception that marijuana is the same as it was so many years ago. The fact is that with chemical and biological engineering marijuana is now stronger and more influential than it ever was when parents were young. New strains are constantly being tested and produced for more powerful effects. This pattern obviously makes today's marijuana that much more dangerous than before.

Another common myth about marijuana is that it is not addicting. Marijuana users far and wide actually like to proclaim this to any person who opposes marijuana use. They could not be more wrong. In one sense, marijuana is nothing close to being an addictive substance like heroin or methamphetamine. Those hard drugs are much stronger. However, this does not mean that marijuana is not addictive. Over time, marijuana can steadily become a staple of daily life for some users. The thing about it is, that marijuana has a high potential for becoming a psychological addiction rather than a physical one. For example, a marijuana user who smokes more than once a day for a prolonged period of time may not experience seizures, muscle cramps, headaches or nausea due to stopping the drug one day. However, studies do show that serious marijuana users are likely to experience depression, anxiety, stress and irritation far more imminently than a non smoking individual would. Plus, the act of smoking to alter the state of mind into a worry-free euphoric frame is honest practice for individuals to move onto harder more addictive drugs in the future.

Another very popular misconception about marijuana lies in the statements in which individuals claim that marijuana is good to use due to the fact that it is used in some situations, as a medicine or aid. Take a moment however to consider that there are medications such as oxycodone which are designed to relieve pain. However, the general population knows that oxycodone is highly addictive and causes serious health consequences when abused, making this drug not ideal for recreational use. Marijuana can be used to treat depression, lack of appetite and anxiety just to name a few. However, there is a clear reason why the drug is prescribed to individuals who suffer from such ailments. For individuals who are not prescribed by doctor order to use marijuana, it is not beneficial to do so.

Because of its popularity and perceived mild effects, marijuana is the top drug to carry misinformation and misunderstanding. it is important before turning a blind eye to a marijuana smoker to consider the actual facts behind the use.

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