The Highest Abused Prescription Drugs - Oxycontin and Vicodin

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Oxycontin addiction treatment at a professional rehab center is considered the safest and most effective way to heal the root of addiction, both physically and psychologically. Moreover, when a rehab program is executed in an inpatient setting with licensed counselors, therapists, and private living quarters for the client, the recovering individual is able to heal in all aspects of his or her life; the physical, psychological, and emotional hardships of dependency will be addressed once and for all.

How Withdrawal Symptoms Are Safely Managed At A Licensed Rehab Center

Oxycontin addiction, like other similar drugs such as oxycodone, hydrocodone, and heroin are one of the hardest drugs to quit, mainly because of its addictive qualities and profound withdrawal symptoms. Many individuals suffering from Oxycontin Addiction refuse to seek help or enroll in a rehab center because of their fear of dealing with devastating withdrawal symptoms. Symptoms such as night sweats, hallucinations, muscle pain, problems breathing, seizures, nausea, vomiting, unbearable cravings, and mood swings make detox hard, and it is recommended that no one attempt to detox alone. However, with medical assistance and licensed personnel, withdrawal symptoms can be managed, medicated, treated, and safely handled under the care of dedicated nurses and physicians.

After medical detox is complete, the client is then free from the burden of dealing with withdrawal. The body is cleansed and the client is ready to move forward with a unique set of therapy programs that focus on their needs and behavior, including cognitive behavioral therapy, group/private therapy, psychotherapy, and even relapse prevention courses that will ensure a long-lasting recovery. Outpatient services are also provided, which are designed for individuals who can manage both treatment and personal life simultaneously, as others are required to be treated 24 hours a day.

Reaching Sobriety and Relapse Prevention

Aftercare services may be required if needed, coming only after completion of the comprehensive treatment program. This is designed to help recovering addicts stay on track with their sobriety, check in with counselors and therapists, and strengthen their confidence as they enter their new healthy lives. It is also important for oxycontin recovering addicts to have support from family and friends while at the rehab center, as well as in the aftermath, which will often motivate and inspire the client to continue forth with their treatment program.

Addiction treatment programs and services also include traditional and non-traditional approaches, including physical exercise, yoga, and detox massage therapy. Oxycontin addiction treatment begins with a steady process that is based on slowly weaning the drug out of the clients' internal system, and in a safe manner. If needed, medications are applied to help taper off the addiction and allow the recovering client to make a smooth transition from self-abuse, to clear-minded sobriety. Only then is the client able to make better decisions and truly understand his or her addiction problem, and establish a better, happier way of living.

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