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Oxycontin and Opana are two synthetic opiates commonly used in the US. There is no question about its popularity, as Oxycontin gained more than 27 billion since its initial opening in 1996, according to L.A. Times. There have been great suspicion also that doctors have been recklessly prescribing these kinds of drugs to satisfy the ailments of their patients, but due to doctor shopping (where patients visit multiple doctors in order to get drugs they were already prescribed by another doctor) and leniency, opioids have been leading to overdose deaths, addiction, and more people are heading to addiction therapy.

Heroin also played a role in the increase of opioid addiction and deaths; Purdue Pharma, a pharmaceutical company, and a big company that helps make Oxycontin, made Oxycontin harder to abuse according to the clinical Director of Newport Academy. However, as a result, opioid dependents made a shift to heroin because it satisfies their addiction in the way that Oxycontin no longer could, and also because it is cheaper and effective. Also, Purdue Pharma did another favor by coating the pill in 2010, and this made it difficult to snort, crush, or smoke the drug. The cost of whatever pills remained increased and heroin began to wreak havoc once again as it did in the 90's. This shift poses a new problem for law enforcement and medical personnel, because heroin is fast acting, easy to overdose from, available in many locations, cheap, addiction prone, tolerance prone, and can be mixed with other substances like meth or cocaine. Heroin is one of the hardest drugs to quit, and withdrawal is a real pain.

The idea is for agencies and pharmaceutical companies to be on point and on par with the same mission: to make abuse deterrent formulations of opioids, and aid in the fight against prescription drug addiction in nationwide proportions. The goal is to expand the work on abuse deterrent properties, and since it is new, the job needs to be completed fast and effectively. Every day, someone somewhere is dying from prescription drugs, whether by accident or from too much abuse. They cannot stop and treatment can only do so much.

It is shown that when opioid recovering addicts relapse, they often take the same dosage as before they quit, so the amount taken can kill them when relapsing. They won't ever see it coming, and there is no turning back once the drug is take and they realize they are about to overdose. Preventative measures are the new way to treat addictions that will potentially affect the lives of a new drug user.

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