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Addiction is a disease that can take hold of everything in an individual's life, even their clarity of mind and sense of purpose. Denial is a common grey area in addiction, in which an individual has a hard time to accept that they have a substance abuse problem, or that their life is out of control. Even after the realization of the addiction comes into play, the entirety of the denial doesn't come until after rehabilitation.

Many addicts can relate to the moment in which they realize the depths of their addiction. It often comes after rehab, once they have attained sobriety but also resumed normal life and have gotten on track to achieving goals.

There is a moment during addiction in which a person realizes they have a substance abuse problem. It is typically after this revelation that they seek help for rehabilitation. The real realization however, comes once the drug and addiction is clouding the mind much less. The realization is a sudden understanding of how affected they were while on drugs. Aside from the addiction, individuals often come to realize how slow their minds and bodies had become. Suddenly a sense of freedom strikes them. The feeling of freedom comes from the release from the addiction. Having control over yourself, instead of the drug being in control.

Next, together or even before, an individual will come to realize what it is they want outside of addiction. Examples could be a career choice, a sport, or any kind of real goal. Focusing on goals, on normal life and just surviving become so much easier and apparent. It is then that recovered addicts suddenly feel a sense of strength. For one, they have overcome addiction. They made it through a very dark and dangerous forest in which countless don't make it through. That alone is a huge show of strength, especially since addiction is one of the hardest diseases to recover from. Aside from that however, the regained capability to think critically, problem solve, and take control of life can grant an immense sense of strength which is key in perpetuating advancement after rehabilitation.

Many addicts can easily say what a life change sobriety is from addiction. The transition is one from night to day. Overtime, individuals gradually recall who they were before addiction menaced their lives. Old dreams can be reborn, old potentials can come back and the possibilities can be endless. It's the realization during sobriety that helps life prevail, guided by acceptance by the user, and client-specific rehab.

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