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Users of recreational drugs are usually seen as rebelling teenagers looking for trouble in their communities. However, according to recent reports and statistics, it is also the middle-aged population that is also abusing the same drugs for recreational purposes as well. This phenomenon is being seen all over the world, where drug abusers ranging from ages 30 and up are taking part in pill-popping, mixing with alcohol, and even abusing opiates. One clinic is London is treating 40 patients a month on average, with people of ages 30 to 35 needing help with severe drug or alcohol addictions (which were abused for years prior to that). Prolonged drug abuse from older patients are the most difficult ones to treat, as dependency and tolerance have taken a tight hold of their victim, especially from certain drugs like GBL, methamphetamine, mephedrone, and ketamine.

Services and clinics are growing for these reasons, where drug abuse and addiction is no longer something that teens need to be on the lookout for, but everyone from all age brackets. This isn't about parents teaching kids; it's about parents teaching parents too! Legal highs and club drugs are what the middle-aged are attracted to most. They go out for the weekend from a long week of work, pop some mollies at a club, and want to stay away from blatantly breaking laws, so they get high "legally." This is an ironic thing, because it is the legal drugs that usually cause the most trouble. Synthetic drugs, pills, and over the counter medications might be legal in a sense, but that is far from saying that they are safe substances to take for recreational reasons. More and more people with families, careers, and other responsibilities are taking drugs and think they are doing it safely or "maturely."

The problem with taking "legal" drugs and abusing them is that when addiction hits, users don't know where to seek help. Some believe addiction treatment is reserved for those who smoke crack or inject heroin, which are called the "traditional" drug users.

This is a misconception of addiction treatment because in the past few decades, drug rehab centers have seen a dramatic change in not only the type of drugs and addictions, but the people being admitted. Everyone is now at risk; it's just a shame that drug abuse and addiction is no longer the problem that it once was. It has grown, and broken age boundaries in our generation. It is apparent that there is much work left to be done.

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