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At what point do you decide that your life is so out of control that seeking drug addiction treatment is your last chance for a new direction in life?

Making the move to stop addiction will most likely be helpful in preventing trouble with the law, ruined relationship, or an accident that results in getting hurt or hurting someone else. Battling alcohol or substance abuse, depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders is a war that is winnable. But the one struggling with the addiction is the only one that can make it happen.

A consultation with a counselor or an addiction therapist is generally free of any charge and will allow you to get an idea of the various paths available for recovery. What our video and see how treatment has help past clients.

Addiction Treatment

Florida Center for Recovery VideosAt our addiction treatment facility, Florida Center for Recovery, the first person you speak with will be an experienced intake coordinator who most likely has firsthand experience in addiction recovery. This person has been through the ups and downs of addiction, is in recovery and knows about staying sober.

In the initial conversation the counselor and you can discuss and determine the scope of your addiction and possible treatment paths available to you.

We're not here to judge, we're here to help you recover from addiction. We strongly encourage individuals to seek treatment for their addiction and we have no hesitation to inform you of suitable options, even if we are not the provider of those options.

For more information on our drug rehab, alcohol rehab and behavioral compulsive addiction treatment programs, call toll free at: 800-960-5041

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Many of our patients fly in for treatment. Our "fly-in patient" protocol, ensures complete care and a comfortable, pleasant experience. RECOVERY. IT'S WORTH FIGHTING FOR..

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