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Just a year ago, synthetic drugs like synthetic marijuana were at their height in popularity in Florida. But since they were banned completely in the state in 2012, authorities are seriously cracking down on any establishments selling them.

Many people may wonder what the big deal is about synthetic drugs. The general idea about them is that since they are synthetic and not the actual highly illegal substances, they couldn't be too bad. That idea however, is extremely wrong, especially in the marijuana category.

As synthetic marijuana became more popular as the legal way to get high, it became more apparent what kind of effects the substance had. Synthetic marijuana goes by many names, most of which are happy, safe and fun sounding names designed to ensnare curious customers. However, their effects are no such thing. Although designed to mimic the euphoric and relaxing effects of real marijuana, synthetic marijuana has much more severe health side effects. Some of the severe side effects include seizures, extreme paranoia and loss in consciousness.

Real marijuana is considered mildly addicting and is known to increase general laziness, slowed reaction time, poor coordination and sleepiness. But it is not known to cause the severe effects that the synthetic version brings on. Also, adding to the severity of using synthetic marijuana is the fact that is has been found to be more addicting than the real version. In the years building up to its ban in the state, there was an astronomical number of individuals who entered rehabilitation for synthetic substance.

The seriously unhealthy side effects and even violent mental stress that many experience after smoking synthetic marijuana stems from the chemical composition put together in attempt to recreate the popular effects of actual marijuana. All the time, combinations of chemicals used to make all types of synthetic drugs are banned and added to the list of illegal controlled substances. Because of this, chemists are constantly recalibrating the chemical composition of these drugs. The combinations are largely untested for hazardous side effects and are hastily thrown together to ensure that there is a constant flow of monetary gain to those creating and distributing the product.

In one of the most severe cases, a young man was witnessed banging his head on the concrete until he actually died from the trauma shortly after smoking the synthetic substance. This and many other cases of severe psychosis have helped the ban of the substance pass more quickly.

Now it is a priority for authorities to ensure that this synthetic substance is kept out of stores and out of reach of individuals who are not aware of the possibly fatal effects tied to the drugs.

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