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Molly is not a girl or a friend's name as many people would have you believe. The phrases going around South Florida, such as "Have you seen Molly?" or "I'm with Molly," are not in regards to a person. Molly is a new drug that is taking the party scene by storm. Composed of pure MDMA, the drug is basically identified as ecstasy (with some notable differences). Molly is a powerful stimulant and hallucinogenic drug.

The way it differs from ecstasy is that ecstasy is actually composed of MDMA, but also other drugs such as speed and cocaine for example. Molly is pure MDMA and contains no other drugs. The feelings users get from molly is a rushing, euphoric and hectic feeling. It is a schedule I controlled substance, and holds a very high potential for abuse and addiction.

The scariest part about Molly's growing popularity is that a large amount of users who abuse the substance regularly are teens and young adults. There have been reports of high school students taking the drug while at school and remaining high throughout the entire day.

Molly however, is nowhere near being safe. While it produces euphoria like ecstasy, the drug is also similar to cocaine in that it acts as a powerful stimulant. Serious and negative health side effects are common in people who use molly on a regular basis. Some of these negative health side effects include seizures, heart attack, liver and kidney failure and of course, accidental overdose which can lead to death and coma. MDMA particularly, also has severe effects on brain function and is known to cause irreparable damage.

While Molly is popular amongst younger generations, all ages of the population have been increasingly testing its potential. This drug is dangerous in that it is also a hallucinogenic, in addition to being a stimulant. It is suspected that with more uses, the user can become more unstable and unsteady. Hallucinogenic drugs often pose difficulties in remaining calm and rational; with Mollies acting as a stimulant more powerful than cocaine, there is great room for error and for people to lose clarity of mind.

Mollies are supremely popular at music festivals and night club settings. Aside from serious medical consequences, such as heart or other organ conditions, mollies are known to indirectly cause dehydration. Because the drug impairs judgment and also boosts stamina, many people take a molly at a rave, club or music festival for the so-called improved sensations. This also however, gives them the strength to dance and carry on much longer than they normally would. Fatigue and thirst can be easily ignored in such conditions, and many people end up being hospitalized due to dehydration alone.

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