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Rohypnol, also known as roofies, are a brand name of the drug Flunitrazepam. Flunitrazepam is also sold under other names such as Darkene, and Flunipam, which have the exact same effects. Roofies are a hypnotic drug, acting as a sedative, a muscle relaxant, and an antidepressant. The drug is available in pill form, in which it can be swallowed or alternatively crushed up and snorted. By crushing the drug it can also be dissolved in liquid or as it is more infamously known, put into a drink. Roofies are sometimes used to help treat insomnia, which denotes its potency to relax and put people to sleep.

Roofies are typically obtained through prescription from a physician. However, they are commonly bought and sold in the nightlife scene such as in nightclubs, music festivals, bars, raves and parties. Unfortunately, it has become that this drug in particular, which was originally designed to be beneficial for one's health, has taken on one of the most dangerous reputations in the illicit drug world.

Also known as the "date rape" drug, roofies have been commonly used for some time now to unsuspecting drug-using victims, mostly females at that. As the drug is easily placed in drinks to hide the taste, one of the terrible trends nowadays (especially at clubs) is where individuals crush up the pill and slip it into another individual's drink while they are not looking. This is also done for motives of rape or theft. It does not take the medication long to take effect, and when mixed with alcohol, the effects are amplified very greatly. Individuals who unknowingly drink down a roofie which was added to their alcoholic beverage are likely to fall unconscious within a half hour of consumption. This has allowed for others to take advantage without the victim being able to resist at all, or recall much of what happened when they awaken.

Roofies, and other prescription medication with similar effects, have triggered a widespread awareness, especially amongst women, about the dangers of accepting drinks from strangers, leaving a drink unattended (even if just for a moment), and the buddy system, when going to any nightlife events. There have been thousands of cases of theft and rape due to the use of such date rape drugs; and as a result of these severe consequences, the medical prescription of this drug has highly diminished since the 90's.

On the other hand, individuals who actually benefit from roofies should make sure that this medication is stored in a secure place where children or others are not privy to its location. Roofies also carry a high risk for accidental overdose. Due to the sedative effects of roofies, they have been known to depress breathing and heart rate to dangerous levels if taken without a prescription, or if one takes more than directed. The most hazardous results of taking too much Rohypnol include heart attack, brain damage, coma and death.

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