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Synthetic drugs may be one of the most poorly marketed items in regards to truthfulness. Sold online and in convenience stores as the "legal" alternatives to drugs, the packaging and writing on the drugs are generally happy, enjoyable or safe looking. In reality, these drugs are causing addiction, death and psychosis in many individuals who use them.

Synthetic drugs fall into two general categories. The first is a group of synthetic drugs which are supposed to resemble marijuana in effects and looks. The other is made to mimic the effects of amphetamines and cocaine. Both types of drugs are considered highly dangerous and only remain on the market due to their ever changing chemical composition. The way it works is this: once a particular strain is set on the shelves and causes harm, the chemicals used in the synthetic drugs is set into the long list of controlled substances and made illegal. But once this happens, chemists alter the chemical makeup of the drug, leaving it once more legal enough to be sold in stores.

This practice which keeps synthetic drug creators and distributors paid and working is part of the huge problem surrounding the safety of synthetic drugs. As the chemical composition is changed so largely and so rapidly, much of the testing is done without much control, supervision or testing on how it will affect people. Some combinations of chemicals have shown to make people literally go crazy, and even die.

While drugs such as marijuana, cocaine and meth are widely known as illegal, the synthetic counterparts are for the time being, legal. Many people take this as a sign that it is safe to use these drugs. They believe that since it is sold online and in stores, it won't hurt them, and on top of that, it's perfectly legal. While the drugs may be considered legal, they are anything but safe. As mentioned before the chemical combinations can have serious and surprising effects on people. One teenage male was reported last year to have smoked synthetic marijuana. But what made the report ghastly and gruesome was that this boy got down on all fours and began smashing his head into the concrete until he died, shortly after smoking the substance.

There have been many other similar cases in which people have acted very strangely, dangerously and died after using synthetic drugs of many different kinds. The drugs should not be viewed as a plant that is smoked or a powder that is inhaled, for example. They should be viewed as unsecure chemicals being taken into the body in whichever way is chosen.

As of late there are more and more people coming forward to report that they have also actually become addicted to the synthetic drugs. Annually the rate of rehabilitation admittances of individuals suffering from addiction to synthetic drugs is climbing. Slowly, the word is spreading of the dangers involved in taking these drugs, and the long term consequences associated with them. As rates of addiction and hospitalization cases that involve these synthetic drugs continue to climb, it is evident that not enough people understand that these drugs are truly dangerous.

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