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Women Specific Addiction Treatment

My Florida Center for Recovery includes gender and trauma-specific programs. Women's addiction treatment includes:

  • Counseling on subjects including sexual and physical trauma, as well as family and domestic problems
  • Clinical treatment and support
  • Referrals to community services and relapse prevention programs

As with all of our services, women's addiction treatment includes transportation assistance and case management.

When applying therapies to our patients, we blend traditional medicine with holistic and alternative therapies. A combination of psychological and physical techniques are the best way to fully heal the traumas of addiction. Therefore our counselors apply psychotherapy, massage, yoga, art therapy, acupuncture, and more in order to spur healing and growth. We know that women in these fragile situations need not only physical, but mental aid, and so everything from the detoxification process, to planning long-term aftercare, offers both practical medical treatment and emotional help. These factors are recognized when our patients are initially admitted to treatment, thus making addiction recovery effective and well worth the effort. Standard check-ups and medical exams determine what treatments are needed for a smooth recovery.This is particulary important when it comes to defining what kind detoxification program a patient will require, and what effect counseling will have in their specialized treatment program.

Women in our treatment programs often react favorably to holistic treatment programs, which usually combines multiple practices applied by different specialists. Daily activities and treatments help build resistance to emotional dependency and feelings of helplessness rather than approaching addiction problems as something that is merely a matter of having a chemical addiction. In all cases our women addiction treatment therapies are directed by the clinical director and senior psychotherapy staff at My Florida Center for Recovery.

Addiction Treatment Highlights Include:

  • On-Site Medical Detox
  • Psychiatric Consultation
  • Individual and Group Counseling
  • SMART Recovery® MEETINGS
  • 12-Step Meetings
  • Rapid Resolution Therapy (Trauma Therapy)
  • Addiction Educational Sessions
  • Medical Massage
  • Chiropractic Care
  • Yoga
  • Personal Trainer
  • Art Therapy
  • Sports and Recreational Activities
  • Daily Meals Prepared by Five Star Chef under Nutritionist Guidelines
  • Continuing Care
  • Approved Visitors Allowed
  • Relapse Prevention Program
  • Family Recovery Program

Women and Substance Abuse

Women are already at a disadvantage in many situations in America, and seeking addiction treatment is no different. They often experience less income and financial support to afford treatment, and are more likely than men to be in a codependent or abusive relationship with someone who drives their drug habit. Female addicts are also far more likely to be physically or sexually exploited than men, and tend to have ongoing mental health problems because of it. Perhaps the most challenging aspect of coping with addiction as a woman is the difficulty of resolving a substance abuse problem without jeopardizing their family connection. Many women would much rather hide their drug problems from their families, friends, doctors, and social workers, rather than seek help from them; many fear their children will be taken from them. Inevitably this belief magnifies chronic addictions and domestic disturbances, creating even greater suffering.

Understanding differences in gender when it comes to substance abuse is very difficult. Alcoholism is often found more commonly in men as well as other addictive drugs, but studies have also shown that women are more likely to abuse prescription drugs. Women have also been found to be more susceptible to addiction in regards to some drugs, though less so with others. Menstrual cycles have also been known to effect narcotic use and the way drugs effect women's bodies. Above all, drug use has serious long-term effects on reproductive health and fetal development, leading to thousands of births every year effected by alcohol, prescription drug, and even cigarette use.

What is known is that gender-specific programs show positive results. Women react favorably to programs that cater to their particulary needs, applying techniques that take into account their physical and psychological situation. Psychological counseling, cognitive and behavioral assessments, training in coping skills and relapse prevention, and mental health rehab are all common aspects of what addiction treatment for women encompasses. Women-only programming, including childcare, sexual health, family and domestic relationships, and mental health activities all are offered in order to help rehabilitate patients.

Please call and speak to one of our licensed therapists regarding specifics of our treatment programs, designed specifically for women struggling with substance abuse.

For more information on our addiction treatment programs and therapeutic approaches, call toll free at: 800-960-5041. Florida Center for Recovery offers residential drug and alcohol rehab treatment through 12-Step and Non 12-Step Programs.

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