18 Women Died Daily from Prescription Drug Abuse in 2010

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Women today, like men, are struggling with prescription drug abuse in certain ways that only they can understand. The mounting problems concerning taking care of children or teens during an economic crisis, as well as taking care of their job and household, is a task that demands much attention and focus. This lifestyle easily creates stress, or chronic pain. Headaches, pressure, back pain, emotional pain, and tired bodies are usually the recipe for prescription medications, which has resulted in the following statistic that has shocked addiction specialists everywhere:

Prescription drug overdoses have killed roughly 6,600 women in 2010, which equals about 18 women a day! This was in a recent report by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It must be pointed out that although men indubitably die more often from prescription drug abuse, women have increased their death rate faster than men from 1999 to 2010; this was a 400 percent increase, and this calls for some explanation. According to a reporter Susan Livio from The Star-Ledger, women are more likely to abuse drugs because they deal more with chronic pain, given higher doses, use them for greater periods of time, and finally, because its easier for them to "doctor shop" their way into obtaining more pills.

It is already greatly suspected that doctors give out pills to avoid being pressured by their patients, and feeling sympathy for their symptoms and illnesses. Let's be truthful: women are more likely to create greater sympathetic reasons for prescribing them drugs. Not only that, but many mothers and women actually do need these medications, and accidentally become dependent on them through naturally occurring situations.

This is one of the big problems about preventing prescription drug abuse, which is that it is very hard to discern who needs the medications for their pain, and who needs the medications to feed their addiction. Doctors are not experts at deciding who really needs the medications; they can only give solutions to the symptoms and respond to the complaints of their patients. Prescription drug monitoring programs have been implemented, but the same issue arises as in many other states, where doctors are not required and thus, not all substance-abusive behaviors are detected or known about. Either way, citizens or loved ones idly stand by as new statistics hit the papers: in 2010, 940,000 women visited hospitals for overdoses of prescription medications, and 6,600 died as a result.

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